Global Game Jam 2016

RJ and I decided to get the juices flowing by creating something new for the Global Game Jam. So find a friend and try out our new local co-op game “Apollo’s Journey”

In the game, one of you plays the sun, following its daily ritual across the sky.  The other player takes the role of Apollo’s chariot, helping the sun across the sky by creating platforms the sun can use to avoid obstacles like the nefarious Zephyr, god of the West Wind.

The extra special thing about our game is that it learns from the players!  As you successfully complete each day, obstacles will get added to that day for your next play through.  When you eventually fail to complete a day, that day will get a little bit easier while the moon crosses the sky behind you, and you start back at Day 1.

We made it, from concept to executable, in just 48 hours, and the result is super fun!  Big thanks to a great local musician we met, Bryan Minus, who recorded the music and sound effects.

Here are some free links to download the game:

Apollo’s Journey (Windows)

Apollo’s Journey (MacOS)

Apollo’s Journey title screen inspired by Apollo’s Oracle at Delphi
a close up of our little Zephyr enemies
a close up of our little Zephyr enemies
a evolutionarily generated level from Apollo's Journey
a evolutionarily generated level from Apollo’s Journey

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