New Game: Undula

A couple weeks ago, I took a break from working on Ship It and joined up with Joel McDonald and Bryan Minus to build a new VR game.  We participated in the Global Game Jam, where the theme was ‘Waves’ and came up with a great looking, relaxing game called ‘Undula’.

It’s like you took a WinAmp visualizer and turned it into a VR game.  Kind of trance-y and relaxing, while at the same time being interactive and beautiful.  All done in 48 hours, so I’m not saying it is perfect!  But for what it is, I’m super pleased with what we got done.  The response has been great when we show it off and I’m hopeful to keep working on it when we have the time.

You can download what we made so far for free.  Just find the nearest Oculus Rift with Touch and check it out.

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