Ship It Patch 6 released

After returning from GDC and sharing Ship It with a lot of people, I wanted to get out some of the bug fixes and features I’ve been working on for the last couple months. Please enjoy this prettier, better sounding, and more stable build!


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I’ve had a number of demo events over the last couple months and used the opportunity to refine the new player experience. There is still some work to do, but the changes below should help the game be easier to pick up and also prepare for the next stage of development. Next update will likely be a stand-alone demo on Steam.


  • Pointer/grabber finger – push the trackpad to start pointing, aim at a block or box, then pull the trigger the item will zip into your hand. It is a really fun superpower that my brain started to want whenever I’m sitting on the couch at home 🙂 This required removing other hand gestures (for now) as a cross-platform compatibility compromise.
  • New 3D art, posters, and a new Bloq-O logo.
  • Block storage – watch-like devices (that don’t yet attach to your hand) but can be used to store a block for later. You can pick them up and place them wherever is comfortable for you. Useful now, but much more important for upcoming game modes.
  • Improved audio positioning effects
  • Recent Scores panel – keeps track of your last 10 games and best 10 games locally. Designed this for running tournaments at events, so it doesn’t really handle different game modes and levels well, but will be improved later.
  • Heads up display board – a better-positioned data display to keep track of level variables during the game. Still working on this one, but it is part of an effort to get all gameplay on 3 sides, so there aren’t things you need behind you where tracking is bad on some systems.
  • Moved Abort button to center in case your room isn’t that big
  • Added room adjustment controls for fine tuning your placement – use arrow keys to move in the room, R to rotate, and L to recall settings. This is a hack in case you are having problems, I’m working on a more user-friendly design.


  • Fixed conveyor belt collider slowly drifting away from player (so boxes would fall through)
  • Removed function from grip button to stop accidental presses screwing up new players. Likely future will have ‘advanced mode’ controls for experienced players, and ‘everything is grab’ mode for simpler gameplay.
  • Toned down the color in the loading room


  • Radical redesign of game flow – everything will be reoriented into a ‘career’ to help guide you through all the types of content and level progression This will also include wage tracking, equipment unlocks, and two new rooms of the Bloq-O factory for you to visit.
  • Subtitles and in game tips on the heads up display
  • Creative and Special Order mode will be part of career mode update
  • Remove existing control panels in favor of ‘callable’ control widgets
  • Improvements to grab and locomotion system


  • Some sound effects are out of balance (like box close) – use the control panel to reduce volumes on groups as needed. I will rebalance for next patch

Until next time!

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