Ship It selected for the PAX 10!

Amazing news from Penny Arcade today, Ship It was selected as the first VR title to ever make the PAX 10! This is a huge honor and I’m humbled they saw the fun and uniqueness of my little indie game.

Since launching Early Access last October I’ve tried to take as much user feedback as possible and integrate the changes into the game. I’ve revamped the interaction system, improved the visuals, drastically redesigned the user interface, improved cross-platform compatibility, and many other things. There is still more in the works, with new game areas, expanded game modes, and multiplayer still to come, so it is

Being selected PAX’s “group of 50 industry experts” as one of the “ten best indie games in regard to gameplay and overall fun-factor” has given me and the team a new sense of urgency to crank out the updates. I look forward to watching people play at PAX and seeing how we can improve the game for everyone!

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