The PAX Patch!

We’ve been hard at work to bring you some big redesigns and feature additions in time for PAX West. There are so many changes that I’m only going to write high-level notes here. Enjoy these upgrades!

  • BREAKTIME (v1) game mode launched – look for the ‘Take a break’ button and block gun
  • FREE DEMO – making the PAX West demo build available for everyone! Training and 3 Deadline mode levels to whet your appetite.
  • Beautiful new factory machines installed at Bloq-O Industries
  • Customer & Order System redesign – 35+ different levels to conquer and many factory upgrades to unlock
  • UI revamp – Restyled the UI and branding to be consistent and clear
  • New Dressing room – see some of the factory machinery in action and get ready for your game (more functionality to come)
  • Teleportation using your pointer tool- needed to navigate new spaces
  • Improved lighting – worked on performance and visual quality
  • Improved settings panel – easier adjustment of your workstation position and height
  • New non-VR UI – buttons on your 2D screen that can be used to control spectator cameras and track your local leaderboard
  • Subtitles – a floating window by the speaker makes the manager’s notes to you more accessible.

Known bugs:

  • An occasional crash bug popped up that I’m still tracking down, will patch as soon as I locate it!  Just restart the game and wish me luck on the hunt!

See you at PAX West!  Follow us on instagram to check out our PAX10 booth:

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