Post-PAX Patch

PAX was amazing! So many nice people and happy workers for Bloq-O Industries. I recorded some testimonials and will be posting some new trailers here soon.

I also used the 4 days of testing time to think about a couple bugs and figure out how to squish them. Here is the first fix, next up will be some more performance fixes:

  • Fixed vest not facing the right direction
  • Fixed occasional crash on when exploding block fragments reset
  • Removed laser pointer as it was having trouble with switching between hands, and switched to just a laser coming out of your right hand whenever you push ‘ButtonOne’ – A on Oculus, top button on Vive.
  • More work needed to polish this and get it working on both hands, but let me know what you think.
    Fixed a couple performance bugs that should help it run smoother, but it needs more…I see no reason it shouldn’t be 100% buttery!

It’s great to see the new leaderboards filling up. There were lots of good ideas from PAX playtesters that should keep the interesting updates flowing once I get the technical parts cleaned up a bit.

Until next time, keep packing!

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