Performance Patch Posted

Nice performance boosting patch is live today!  Changelog below.

We’ve also been working on a couple videos that will post tomorrow.  I made the current trailer a month before we launched Early Access, so it is about 12 months old and the game has made huge progress since then.  The old models, sounds, and gameplay footage just aren’t representative of the polish that is in there now!

Patch changes:

  • Major performance improvements – reworked lighting system, blocks, object activation, and shadows to drastically smooth the frame rate.
  • Fixed freezes in frame rate on game start and end.
  • Added sounds and animations to liven up the ready room
  • Fixed automatic positioning system so the workstation will match your playspace better by default
  • Added analytics system to help figure out where players get stuck or have uncomfortable moments
  • Added smoothing option to First-person camera on spectator screen
  • Added control panel button to turn off manager canvas (for cleaner streaming)
  • Fixed glitching sounds when new songs start

Known bugs:

  • A quirky once-per-second bug is triggering Asynchronous Spacewarp on Oculus and knocking it down to 45fps.  Fix will be posted tomorrow, so you hopefully won’t even notice.
  • The in-game control panel is not registering clicks sometimes (try moving your hand to point from a different place) and some black areas are pushing hidden buttons.
  • Multiple position adjustments getting to the workstation can be disorienting

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