F is for Fan cover

An alphabet book about fans

If you love fans, this is the activity book for you. It has a fan-related word and coloring page for every letter of the alphabet, and a drawing prompt on the opposite page where you can make your own art.

Your Art

Post your colorings and drawings to Instagram or Twitter with #FisforFan and we’ll display them here!

your art coming soon…


Here are some fan-related links referred to in the book.

Page 30: Oscillating

Jared Owen creates videos that show how things work, including an oscillating fan, by building 3D models of them and explaining the mechanism.

YouTube player

Page 32: Pull chain

Steve Mould makes amazing science videos and discovered a fantastic effect when a beaded chain flows out of a container.

YouTube player

Page 34: Quiet

Major Hardware has a series of videos where people send in fun fan designs and he 3D prints them and then tests them for airflow and loudness.

YouTube player

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