A podcast where we discover life lessons from the stories of our friends.

Veteran researcher Ian McClellan leads a series of independent research projects that delve into the common struggles we all face in life…dealing with change, defining personal success, handling loss, the stages of our career, raising our kids, etc.

Each episode will feature a friendly long-form conversation that teaches you a new bit of wisdom you can use in your daily life. New episodes each week.

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#4 – Brad Barrett – The host of the ChooseFI podcast tells me about how he found financial independence, developed a booming podcast, and coaches kids to mastery in swimming, volleyball, and other sports.
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#3 – Dinesh Mathew – Super Dad Dinesh and I talked about parenting as your family grows past man-on-man defense, how he changed careers from chemical engineer to market research to operations, and whether Tom Brady was a failure.
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#2 – Doug De Weese – The second episode features Portland entrepreneur Doug De Weese. We talk about starting a legal Cannabis business, moving to Thailand for 14 years, and taking care of his aging mother.
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#1 – Chris Dethloff – The first episode features my colleague Christopher Dethloff and we cover how he sets attainable goals to feel successful, manages his chronic disease with daily ice baths, and what he used to think was the best BBQ in Texas.

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