Racing with a Purpose

Drive your hover truck to the factory and take as many boxes to customers before the workday ends. Plan your path carefully to make the most money and avoid pesky obstacles and other drivers out to steal your orders. Upgrade your vehicle in between workdays so you can conquer the challenges of the next delivery zone.

You packed boxes in Ship It, now carry them the last mile in this mix of the arcade classics Super Off-Road and Paperboy. It is a racing game where you define the best route and is built to run well on most any computer or console that can connect a controller. Grab a few friends and see who’s driving strategy is the best!

More details coming soon…

  • Supports up to four players on one device (eight-player support is being tested)
  • Online multiplayer through Parsec
  • Early Access launch date: TBD…

Recommended system spec:

  • 1-8 controllers (limited keyboard and mouse support)
  • Intel HD Graphics or better
  • Intel Core i5 or better