As a Guest on the “Everyday Insights” podcast (“Program”), Guest agrees that:

  1. Guest’s voice and participation will be recorded for the Program.
  2. Think On Labs LLC (“Podcaster”) owns all rights to the Program and its recordings. This includes the right to use and distribute the Program worldwide forever, including any materials made for the show.
  3. The Podcaster isn’t required to use or distribute the Program or its materials.
  4. Guest confirms they are over 21.
  5. Guest will not receive any payment for participation.
  6. Guest’s name and likeness can be used to promote the Program, but not to endorse any products or services.
  7. Guest agrees not to hold the Podcaster liable for any claims related to Guest’s participation in the Program.
  8. Guest agrees to protect, indemnify and defend the Podcaster against any claims or damages related to Guest’s participation in the Program.